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Sunday, August 12th 2012

7:01 AM

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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:00:50 +0000 From: Jeffrey Fletcher Subject: Change to Chris and Michael Part 2. (Revised)This is a story that involves a little sex between males of different ages. If such a story is offensive, or illegal for you to read where you live, then do not continue, go and surf elsewhere.This is a teen porn sex movie work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons. If there is any similarity to any real persons or events it is entirely coincidental.The work is copyrighted (c) by the author and may not be reproduced in any form without the specific written permission of the author. It is assigned to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their non nude teen sites submission agreement but it may not be copied or archived on any other site without the written permission of teen cunt pics the author.My thanks to John and Brian who has read this through and made a number of corrections and suggestions. Any remaining errors, grammatical, spelling historical or whatever are entirely my fault.Thank you to those who have commented on my stories. If you want to comment on this story then do contact me on Jeffyrkshotmail.com.Resume:- Michael is a school master in an English Preparatory School. Chris is a 13 year old boy. Ther has been a lot of mutual sexual attaction, including Chris visiting Michael in the middle of the night. Chris and Michael. Chapter TwoTwo weeks later Michael observed that Chris was in need teen and dog sex of another encounter with the razor. Again at bed time they met in the bathroom. The other boys were leaving to go to bed. One or two watched for a few moments and made the usual schoolboy comments. When the job was finished they were alone in the bathroom."I've done what you suggested," said Chris.Michael was mystified for a moment. Then Chris put up a finger and put the fingers of the other hand round it.Michael laughed. "How did it go? Enjoy it?""It was wonderful, I did it in the bogs one night when I woke up with a hard cock. I wondered what was happening, it almost hurt, then it all shot out, but it felt wonderful. Thanks for telling me about it." With a rather conspiratorial grin he went off to his dormitory.Michael noticed that there was a slight change in Chris's is behaviour. Before, he often tried to get talking after a class, or walking back to the school after football. It wasn't that he was now avoiding Michael, there were young teen porn 16 several special smiles when there were no other boys around. Once as they passed in the school, Chris muttered, "Did it again last night, Sir." Michael came to the conclusion that Chris was trying not to give the other boys the idea there was a special relationship between them."Then one day after a class Chris did stay behind. When they were alone in the classroom he said, "Sir, there is something I want to ask you, personal, not about a subject in class."Michael saw that the door of the classroom was open, and though they talked privately teen lesbian sex no one would hear, and the open door would not give the idea that they were wanting to be alone together. "Here will do. No one can hear what we are saying.""Sir, I heard some of the older boys talking. I won't mention any names. But one asked teen cunt pics the other, 'When can we black teens getting fucked have another wank together?' I didn't hear the reply, as they saw that I was within earshot. I thought wanking was only something you did by yourself. What did they mean?""Well, sometimes two guys, or more get together, and wank each other.""Is it nice?""Very. Even better than by yourself.""Sir?" he paused. "Have you ever done it with some one else?""You certainly ask some impudent questions, young man! If you must know, the answer is 'Yes', but a long time ago. But no more questions!"Chris smiled. "Thank you, Sir." He began to turn towards the door, but as he did so he said, "And I know who I would like to do it with."Michael was tempted to ask 'Who'. But then he realised he might know the answer if Chris gave it, and it was not an answer that he wanted to hear; or did he?X-x-xThe next step was teen and dog sex another nocturnal episode ten days later. Again Michael was in a deep sleep. He stirred as the door to his bedroom opened. He was sleepily conscious of a figure by his bed. There was the soft sound of clothes falling on the floor, and then the duvet was lifted black nude teens and a body slipped into bed along side him."Chris, you know you shouldn't be doing this?""I know, but I want to. I couldn't sleep. To me 13 teen porn videos you are the most important, the best person in the whole world. I wanted to be close to you, to cuddle you. I like you a lot, and I think you like me.""I do like you; but I'm just not sure, not really happy photos free teen porn about doing this.""I want you to hold me, and I want to hold you. I want to kiss and be kissed by you, Sir. I have seen what you are like without any clothes, and every time I think about it flattop teen porn pics my cock gets hard.""I suppose it is hard now?""Yes, very. It has been ever since I went to bed. I would like you to feel just how hard.""I think we need to talk. Let me put the light on." The bedside light was across Chris, so Michael got up on one elbow and reached across, turning on the light. This brought his chest close to Chris, who reached up and felt Michael's hairy chest. He looked down at the boy."I've wanted to feel what you felt like ever since I first saw how hairy you were. It's like a fur.""Thanks, but we need to talk. Having you here in bed could get me into a lot of trouble, even prison.""I won't tell. You are special, Sir. Like an uncle.""Uncles can go to prison for molesting a nephew.""This is not you molesting me. I decided I wanted to come into bed with you. You didn't drag me into bed, tiny teen cuties porn did you?""No. But I would still get the blame, maine teen nude I could still go to prison. I would lose my job, never be allowed to teach again."Chris's big brown eyes looked at Michael, "Don't you like me, Sir?""You know I like you.""Don't you want to be close together? Some kisses, cuddles, and wank together?" Chris decided to force the issue. He moved closer to Michael, raised his head and gave him a kiss. model teen porn "Please give me a kiss, Sir. I can't remember when I was, if ever, kissed." Again the big brown eyes looked up at Michael beseechingly.Slowly Michael lowered his head and kissed Chris fully and gently on the lips.Chris's arms came round and photos free teen porn held Michael. They kissed, at first softly, but with mounting passion. Chris then moved his body so that his hard cock was against the top of Michael's thigh."Is your cock hard, Sir?""Very."Chris's hand reached down, all the time his eyes were on Michael to see whether he was going a step too far, but Michael moved slightly to give him easier access. "Its so big, and so hard.""Yours is as hard, and one day will probably be as big." Now it was Michael's hand that moved down to hold Chris's cock. He xxx teen porn cams was careful not to do too much, he didn't want the boy to unload too soon. They continued to kiss.Michael rolled on to his back, pulling Chris on top. They were now lying cock to cock."That's nice, Sir." he wriggled so the cocks rubbed together."I think when we are doing this we should drop the Sir, don't you? In my rooms, when we are alone, you can call me Michael. But only in these two rooms, understand?""Yes, --- Michael. Does that mean we can do this again?""I think once started it will be impossible to stop. You seem to like it, I like it. But we will have to be careful. It must not become too regular.""Not more tiny teen cuties porn than once a week?""Certainly not more than once a week. Longer if you, you sexy young monster, can hold out." They kissed, and Michael pushed his tongue past Chris's lips."That's nice."Michael's hand moved down to touch Chris's buttocks. He gave them a gentle squeeze. The sound and smile of Chris filipina teen porn showed just how much he was enjoying it."Thank you, Michael, for all that you are teaching me. I never realised that doing things with another person could be so wonderful."They began to push together, Michael amature blowjob teen porn could see Chris was approaching the point of no return, and he knew he was. They both shot their loads together, and arms round each other they cuddled and kissed."Now there's one sticky mess to clear up," said Michael.X-x-xIt was eight days later when Chris again crept into Michael's bedroom. Chris removed his pyjamas and Michael lifted the duvet for him to get in. They were immediately kissing and cuddling, and each felt the others hard cock pressed against him."I couldn't sleep, Michael. And I wanted some more.""How have you managed these last few days?""I wanked myself every day."" Not done anything with another boy?""No, I only want to be with you." He forced Michael over on to his back so he could get on top. "I like it like this.""So I gather." Michael's hands stroked Chris's back, steadily reaching lower. He pulled Chris up a couple of inces so he could reach farther. He played with Chris's buttocks; much to the heartbreakers teen porn boy's enjoyment. Then he began to put a finger in Chris's crack.Chris was surprised and clenched his buttocks."Relax, Chris, and enjoy what I am doing." His finger began to play over Chris#s arsehole."That's nice, Michael. I didn't know that doing that could be enjoyable.""It's very enjoyable flattop teen porn pics when someone else does it. There's a lot of enjoyment to be had between two men that you've yet to discover."Chris was very pleased at being included as a man. "Will you show nude german teens me?""If you want. But you must say 'No' if there's something you don't like.""I know I like that."Michael began to apply some pressure and felt his finger slip less than half an inch into Chris. There was a gasp from the boy."Don't you like that?""I maine teen nude was just surprised. Now I'm used to your finger there I rather like it.""Good. There is something else I would like to put in there."There was a pause while Chris worked out what that might be. "No! Not your cock. It is far too big.""It might hurt a bit but once you got used to it you'd like it.""How do you know?""How do you think?""You've had a cock in you?""Yes. Several if you want to know.""Cor! And you liked it?""Very much.""How old were you when you first did it?""I was a couple of years older than you. I was at school, and it was with one of the free teen lesbian pictures older boys. He persuaded me to let him try. He took his time, was very careful, and got it in. We did it together many times. Almost every day, while he was at that school.""You must've liked it." There was a pause. "Is mine too small?""No. But I'm used to bigger ones.""Perhaps one day you'd let me.""Perhaps one day, Chris, but not today. But there is something else you will almost certainly like.""What's that?""Change positions. You lie on your back."They moved round, Chris lay on his back, while Michael lay alongside. Michael felt the boy's face, and began to kiss him. He nibbled his ears, but this made Chris giggle. "You're tickling, Michael."Then he began to move down, kissing, licking and with his lips nibbling Chris's neck. From the responding noises Michael knew that he was giving pleasure. He moved down, found Chris's nipples. He licked one after the other, and both became hard. Then he moved further down. His chin first felt Chris's hard cock poking up. He manoeuvred round, and continued to kiss and lick. He licked the boy's ballsand then ran the tip of his tongue up the underside of Chris's cock. Chris was giving groans of pleasure. Then he took the cock into his mouth. There was a gasp from Chris. "Michael, what are you doing?""Don't you like teen and dog sex it?""It's wonderful. You'll make me cum.""That's what I want to do.""Into your mouth?"Chris felt Michael nod his head.Michael continued to suck; when Chris's young body began amature blowjob teen porn to writhe with the mounting sensation of approaching photos teen porn pics climax, Michael held the boy's hips steady so that the youngster's cock was not pulled from his mouth. He felt the cock engorge even more, and pulsate several times as he reached his climax. Michael continued to suck until the last drop had been expelled. He then wriggled up the bed and lay alongside Chris."Doing it that way means there's no sticky mess to clean up!" said Michael."That was hot erotic teen porn terrific. Thank you, Sir, -- Michael.""Glad you enjoyed it. I know just how good it is."They lay alongside each other for several minutes. Chris's heart beats and breath returned to normal. He reached a hand down and held hairy nude teens Michael cock."Thanks for letting me do this to you. I want to see you shoot your seed out. May I turn on the light?""If you wish."Chris turned on the light, and pulled down the duvet so he could see Michael's large cock still sticking out hard and strong. "Mine's gone soft.""They often do after cumming. When you are in your late teens, you may keep it hard and cum two or three times in fairly quick succession.""Can you?""Not now. I'm rather out of practice. But I could when I was in my early twenties."Chris put his hand round Michael's cock, and leant over and looked at it closely. "It's so big!"Michael detected that Chris was thinking about sucking it, but that would be a big step for the boy that night. "You don't have to suck me, unless you really want to. I'd be happy you just wanking me off with your hand."Chris continued to look, wondering whether to or not. Eventually he gave a quick kiss to the head of Michael's cock and began to wank him. He watched carefully. It took a few minutes and his arm was beginning to ache when he realised the climax was approaching. He continued, and then the first spurt of cum shot out about a foot onto Michael's hairy chest. The three following spurts were less in strength.They had one further teen porn sex movie session together two nights before the end of that winter term."I thought you would save it all up until the last night of term," said Michael."No. Too dangerous. The other boys in the dorm get restless as they get excited about going home.""Are you looking forward to it?""No way. I'm a problem of 'what to do with' for my father, and a unwanted inconvenience for my mother. I like it best at school, then I can come into young teen porn 16 bed with you from time to time.""So we will be resuming contact next term? First night?""No not first night. The other boys in the dorm are all restless and homesick for the first night or so. I'll come when it is safe; and some time next term I will suck you properly.""Good, I look forward to it. And I'll let hardcore porn teen pics you push that lovely growing cock of yours into me."But realality teen porn sites something important was to happen before then.X-x-xDuring the school holidays Michael went back to stay with his parents. It had remained his base throughout his university and teaching days. As he was away at the school for well over thirty weeks of the year this arrangement made sense. As with all previous Easters since leaving University, he had gone away to the Lake District with a group of old college friends. There were about a dozen of them, they always stayed in the same place. It was a mixed group, and there were three married couples. They spent the days walking the Fells.For Chris the school holiday was slightly better in that another good report had brought a positive reaction from his father. But his father was a busy man whose work took him all over the world. He did have a couple of days when his father was around, and on one of those they did things together in London ending up going to to see a film which Chris greatly enjoyed, but his father didn't. The week with his mother seemed even grimmer than usual. She was still taken up with her man Steve, and they both regarded Chris as a serious impediment to the life they usually led. He was only too thankful to get back to London, and three days later to be going free teen upskirt porn back to School.School terms always began on a Saturday. That day of the week was often more convenient for parents to bring their boys back to the school, and it gave the weekend for the boys to get settled in.Michael always returned to the school on the Friday afternoon. This gave him time to get settled in and to get himself organised before the horde of boys arrived. Soon after his arrival the headmaster spoke to him. "Christopher Carstairs' father is bringing him back to school tomorrow, and has especially asked to meet you. I don't know what that will be about, but teen ass porn I am intrigued as to why he is coming now as I black nude teens have never met the man.""Didn't he come down to look over the school before Christopher came here?""No. His secretary came down, and looked us over. Most unusual, never known it like that before. Usually it is a critical father and a fussy mother who come down to inspect us. But we all know that Christopher's home background is not the happiest."Michael went away wondering what Mr Carstairs would want. The immediate thought that crossed his mind was that Chris's father had found out something about their nocturnal activities. But then he reasoned that if he had there would have been a very different reaction from the headmaster, and that he would probably be sitting in a police cell by this time. He did not have a good night, thinking over what the next day would hold.It was mid-morning before the first of the cars started drawing up outside the school, and boys, parents and luggage appeared. The peace of pre-term preparation was shattered by juvenile voices. There was a certain amount of comparing going on. Who had the largest, best, newest and most expensive car. Nearly all the cars were towards the top of the price range. The only exception was a battered mud bespattered old Landrover, belonging to the Digby family, and everybody knew that Lance Digby's father was an earl and had large estates in three counties and had quite a large number of properties in a more expensive part of London. He did not need to show his wealth and position.It was nearly two o'clock when the Carstairs' chauffeur-driven Mercedes arrived. Chris ushered his father into the school, and took him to the headmaster's study. The door was open, but Chris knocked."Headmaster, may I introduce you to my father."The two men shook hands."You may wait for me outside, Chris. I want a private word with the headmaster. Or rather go and find Mr Goodyear and bring him.Chris went off to look for Michael, meanwhile the two men talked.It took Chris several minutes to locate Michael; "Hello, Sir. My father wants to speak to you. Would you come and wait outside the head's study?""Certainly. Do you know what your father wants?""No. He hasn't told me. I only knew he was bringing me back to the school when I got back from France.""Waiting outside the head's study makes me feel like a naughty boy again.""Were you ever naughty?"Michael looked at Chris and winked.They arrived outside the study just as the head and Mr Carstairs came out. The head made the introductions, said goodbye, and turned to speak with another lot tiny teen cuties porn of parents."I have been looking forward to meeting you, Mr Goodyear. Chris has said so much about you." He turned to Chris, "Chris, I want a private word with Mr Goodyear, would you wait for us?" He turned back tasty teen porn videos to Michael, "Where can we go where we can talk with some privacy?""The playing field is usually deserted on the first Saturday of term, and we wouldn't be interrupted. Let's go there."Michael led the way, and Chris followed at a distance, wondering why his father wanted to talk privately to Michael. He was puzzled, but he knew his father knew absolutely nothing of what had been going on between his son and Michael."There are two things I want to speak to you about, Mr Goodyear. First, I want to thank you for all you have done for Chris. I think it's largely due to you he is nude teen pussy now happy at school, and is doing so much better.""Thank you. His work has certainly improved.""Largely due to you. He has told me how important your encouragement has been to him. Your words of praise have changed his whole outlook. Whenever he starts talking about school your name features most, with almost monotonous regularity."They both laughed."I really am most sincerely grateful, which brings me to the other matter I wish to discuss with you. This is much more difficult."Michael wondered and feared what was going to come next."I have a request to make. A most unfair and unwarranted request. As you may know I'm divorced from Chris's mother. As he's getting older the holidays are becoming more and more of a problem. His mother does not like him at all, and is becoming more and more reluctant to have him stay even for a short while during the holidays. He's getting too old to be looked after during the holidays by my cook-housekeeper and chauffeur with the help of an au-pair girl. He's almost old tiny teen cuties porn enough to venture out into London on his own, perhaps for the odd hour or two, but not for whole days. My problem is the coming summer holidays. These are always a problem as they are so long. I have a very busy time indeed ahead, and will hardly be in London at all this summer, just for the odd day or two. My ex-wife is off to South America for the whole of the time and absolutely refuses to have Chris join her, even for a short while. I'm at my wits' end. So I have been wondering if there is any chance of you looking after Chris during the summer holidays? I would of course, pay you for doing it."Michael drew a deep breath. "That is a surprise request." He thought rapidly. He and Chris together for all or part of the long summer holidays. An opportunity? He thought that at one level they would get on well together, but what if the relationship did not work away from the school environment? "The difficulty is that I always go to France for almost all the summer holiday. I take my car, and do a lot of walking. Usually camping, and if the weather's fine I sleep out under the stars. It is quite a rough primitive existence. I like the wild, well off the beaten track, places. I am not sure how Chris would feel about that."Mr Carstairs asked further questions and Michael continued armenian teen porn to think carefully before making any commitment."Have you asked Chris what he thinks about this idea?" asked Michael."No, not yet. I wanted to sound you out first.""Shall we call him over and ask him? I wouldn't take an unwilling boy abroad for so long on a walking holiday against his will. He wouldn't like it, and neither would I."Chris had remained in sight, wondering what they were talking about. When Michael beckoned he came trotting across the playing field.His father spoke. "Chris, as you know there are difficulties about the summer holiday. I am extremely busy, and your mother is off to the remoter parts of South America. I've asked Mr Goodyear if he would take care of you. Every summer he goes walking in France, tramping for miles, sleeping in a tent or under the stars. It would be tough for you. But he will only take you if you like the idea, and are prepared to go and do what he does."The two men looked at the boy. There was a very quick glance at Michael, and a gleam in his eye. He knew what would be involved, not just in tramping miles, but also what they had already enjoyed together."I've never walked a vast distance, but I'm willing to try.""I would xxx teen lesbian porn not walk very far to begin with, never more than what you can manage. You will probably get very tired, but you are fit, with all the school games you play. Do you want to come?""Yes. Yes please, father. I would like to go with Mr Goodyear.""Good. I will keep in touch with you, Mr Goodyear. We'll have to equip him I presume. Boots and so on?""We can see to all that before we go."The three of them walked back to the school. Mr Carstairs soon departed.As the car drew away, Chris looked at Michael with a broad grin on his face. "Sleeping together under the stars.""Yes, and not a word to your classmates about us holidaying together. Now go and do your unpacking."x-x-xChris and Michael Chapter TwoMichael expected a mid-night vist from Chris on the first or second night, but it was the fourth night of the summer term when he was awoken by his bedroom door being opened. He lifted the duvet for the now naked boy to get into the bed."I thought you'd have been in here before this.""First two nights everyone was restless getting used to their beds again. Then just as I was about to come in to you Donaldson went to the loo. Last night Bamford started talking in his sleep.""Anyway, good to see you."They cuddled and kissed. Michael put the light on. "That's better I like to be able to see you.""And I need to see you." Chris wriggled down the bed, took hold of Michael's cock, gave the head a quick kiss, and put it into his mouth."That's a very quick surprise! You were reluctant to do that last term."Chris stopped, his big brown eyes looking up a Michael. "I thought as you enjoyed doing it to me, I would probably enjoy doing it to you.""And do you?""Yes." He resumed his ministrations. There was a murmur of delight."What's that for?""A new and rather nice taste.""That's precum. Hadn't you seen it on my cock when you wanked me last term?""Yes. What is precum?""It is a fluid that neutralises any chemicals in the cocktubes that would kill seed, or cum.""Oh! It tastes nice." Chris continued, and Michael thought he was doing it very well for a first time."If you carry on like that for much longer you will get a mouthful."Chris continued to suck with renewed vigour. He felt Michael tense up, and suddenly his mouth was being filled with spurts of cum. The volume and strength of the spurts surprised him and he coughed and spluttered. The cum was sprayed everywhere.Michael laughed. "Rather a lot of it?"Chris nodded and started licking his lips. "I think it tastes nice.""I know yours does. In a few minutes I will suck you off."Chris lay on top of Michael, whose hands filipina teen porn reached down to fondle the boy's buttocks, and his finger began to explore deeper. "I like you doing that. But I'm not sure I'm ready for your cock to go in there.""Plenty of time. There're all the weeks when we will be away in France.""I know."x-x-xThroughout that summer term Chris continued to visit Michael about once every ten days. His visits usually lasted just over an hour. A significant further step was taken one night when Chris was sucking Michael, he was now quite an expert. Chris's hand began to feel in the cleft between Michael's buttocks. Then a finger began to explore, obvious trying to detect where access lay."That's nice, Chris, you haven't done that before.""You're very hairy in there.""Does that put you off?""Will I get hairy?""I don't know. blonde white teen porn Depends on your genes, I expect. Yes, that's the spot, just there."Chris's finger began to push, and it slipped in."Are you wanting to push your cock in there, young man?""You said I could.""Want to tonight?""Please.""Let me get off the bed, and find something to lubricate ourselves. It can be painful if we're both dry." Michael swung a leg over Chris's head, and got off the bed. He had some KYjelly that he had bought during the holidays and placed easily available for this expected eventuality. "I'm going to lubricate myself first, and then you put some all over your cock. Then it should free teen handjobs slip in easily.""How we going to do it?""I think doggie fashion. I will get on all fours, and you get in behind me."They positioned themselves. Chris made several attempts but his cock slipped up or down, everywhere except in. So Michael reached round and held the boy's cock on the target. "Now push slowly and steadily." There was some initial resistance, and then the cock began to penetrate."Wow, that feels wonderful.""Now keep still, for if you're like most young men doing this for the first time, you will shoot quickly, and I want us both to enjoy it."Chris did what he was told. "Can I move now?""Yes, if you want."Chris thrust his cock deeper, and managed about five thrusts before he shot out his load of cum deep into Michael. He then pulled out of Michael, who handed him some tissues."To help with the mopping up.""When can I do that again?""Next time you come in to see me. But remember I'm wanting to fuck you.""Yes, I know. I'll let you know when I'm ready. But you're so big.""You can prepare yourself, you know. Are you ever in a shower alone?""Sometimes. Why?""Just try to get one, and then two fingers even three up there. Then try to spread your fingers open. It will widen your hole, and you will be able to take me more easily."The next time Chris came to visit Michael he reported on his progress, but he did not say yes to an attempt on his real virginity that term.X-x-xChris continued to visit Michael throughout that summer term, never more than once a week, never less than every twelve days. They were times of sexual enjoyment for them both, and also an opportunity to talk filipina teen porn and plan their time together in the summer holidays.Michael always planned to spend as much of the holidays in France as possible. The day after the end of term he came from his parent's home in Bedfordshire down to London to take Chris out to buy the things he would need. Chris's father had sent Michael a cheque for £750 'to cover whatever Chris will need for his time away'. The most difficult item was a good pair of walking boots. Chris found himself putting on and taking off what seemed a countless number of pairs of boots, and walking up and down the shop in them."If we get this wrong, you will have problems with blisters, and so on. We have to get it right."With the amount of spending money Mr Carstairs had given Michael, they ended up buying two very different types of walking footwear.The items of clothing were more quickly purchased.It was arranged that Michael would drive down to London and stay the night at Chris's home, and then they would depart early in the morning to catch the train through the tunnel to Calais. Mr Carstairs' chauffeur had arranged a place for Michael to park his car. Mr Carstairs was at home, and he and Michael spent flattop teen porn pics a long time talking over details of their trip and how contact could be maintained.Michael was impressed with the Carstairs' apartment, it showed there was a great deal of wealth in the home. He again wondered how Chris would manage, 'roughing' it in France. Chris was excited, he viewed it all as a new adventure, but especially as ameter porn teen a time when he and Michael would be together both day and night with all the sexual opportunities that provided.The next morning Chris' things were loaded into the car, and they were off. There was the usual lengthy crawl out of London, but they were going against the main flow of the rush filipina teen porn hour traffic."Where are we stopping tonight?""On a farm I know. The farmer knows we are coming. So even if we are late, we can pitch the tent at what ever time we get there.""I hope you'll not be too tired when we get there.""Why?""Because I'm wanting you to fuck me tonight."They looked at each other and grinned."You sure, Chris?""Yes, I decided in the middle of term I would ask you to on our first night away. I hope we are a long way from the farm, so if I scream out in agony the farmer won't hear.""We will be far enough away, don't you worry. And though it might hurt a bit, I shall want to be keeping any pain you have down to a minimum, as I will be wanting to do it again, and again. Thinking about it is making me horny."Chris reached across, and felt Michael's hardening cock."Perhaps we should talk about something else, Sir, I don't want you to have an accident.""Okay, lets talk about English grammar then."There was a groan from Chris. "I thought this was going to be a holiday," he muttered.They drove down the M20 and by 13.00 they were driving off the train at Calais on to the French roads. The sun was getting low in the sky when they turned off a minor road, and went along a narrow track to a farm. Their arrival had been heard, because the door of the farmhouse opened and a man and his wife appeared. They came up to the car, talking excitedly, welcoming Michael back.The two English men got out of the car. Hugs and kisses were exchanged between Michael and the two French people. Chris was introduced. The farmer gave him a hug to his surprise, and the farmer's wife gave him a hug and tasty teen porn videos kiss to his embarrassment. Chris tried to follow the voluble French conversation but was mega teen porn immediately lost. Occasionally Michael would interpret something. The farmer's wife went into non nude teen sites the house, and she quickly re-appeared with some milk, bread, butter and cheese. After more conversation Michael and male teen boys nude Chris got back into the car.They only had to drive a few hundred yards into a field, on the edge of a wood. "We just have time to pitch the tent before it gets dark. I don't think it will rain, but we will have the tent up in case."As they pitched the tent, they talked."Your job first thing in the morning is to go down to the farm, and Mrs Dupre will give you some fresh bread and some eggs. It will be your job most mornings to go down to the nearest village to get some bread.""But what do I say? I cannot understand what they're saying. They seem to speak so quickly.""You know the words for 'bread', and 'please', don't you?"Chris nodded."Yes, and thank you?"Chris nodded again. "I've used Euros before when staying with my mother. So I may be able to do that.""Remember the French really love their language, in a way we English do not love ours. They always respond positively when we speak to them in French. They may reply in impeccable English, which I find very humbling."They went on to talk about how Michael knew the Dupres. They were old friends and he had stayed on that farm several times. "I have a little present for them, you can take it down to them when you go in the morning."They ate some bread and cheese."I think we should begin to settle for the night. We can begin by sleeping outside the tent." Michael put down a waterproof sheet on the ground. And got two new sleeping bags out of the car. He undid the zips, and then began to put the two together, zipping them up tiny teen nudes to make one double sleeping bag. "Does that meet with your approval, young man?""Yes, very much so," replied Chris with a very broad grin.Michael went off into the wood for a final piss before settling down for the night. When he came out of the bushes, Chris was standing naked in the moonlight, with his arms outstretched towards really young teen porn Michael. He stood taking in the beauty of the scene. A boy with those early signs of maturing, a small patch of pubic hair, and photos teen porn pics developing muscles on legs and arms. The boy's cock was already erect, and sticking out proudly."You're beautiful, Chris. Our first night together!"Chris stepped towards Michael, who took him in his arms. They kissed. Michael's hands ran down Chris's back, and squeezed his buttocks. His fingers in the crack felt something moist and greasy."Is that lube I can feel down there, Chris?""I have seen how you prepared yourself before I had you, so I prepared myself.""You really sure you want to?""Absolutely, a hundred per cent sure. Get undressed, Michael, and prepare that big hard cock of yours.""You are so beautiful, standing there in the moonlight." Michael nude german teens stripped off his clothes, and got out the lube to prepare himself."How do you want to do it, Michael, doggie fashion like I did it to you the first time?""No, lets get into the sleeping free teen handjobs bag. We'll try it with you on your side. You need to relax, and you may be more relaxed in that position."They got into the sleeping bag, and Chris turned his back towards Michael. "Bend your knees a little, Chris." Michael got up close to Chris, he felt with a finger where he needed to go, and then positioned himself so his cock was in position. "Relax. But tell me if tiny teen nudes it hurts too much. It will hurt somewhat, but I can always stop and we can do it another night.""No. I teen pussy gallery want you tonight."Michael began to push his cock with increasing pressure. He did not want to hurt black teens getting fucked the boy too much. Then there was that inaudible pop as his teen lesbians amateur porn cock forced his way through the boy's sphincter."That's the difficult part. Did it hurt a lot?""I was just about to ask you to stop, when suddenly you were in.""The rest should be fairly easy, I will take it slowly." Michael's large cock began to push its way into the boy. It was tight. He pushed until he could feel the boy's buttocks against his pubes. His arm reached over the boy, and grasped him close. His hand rubbed Chris's stomach, and then felt the boy's prick, it was hard and damp. Chris was now a producer of abundant pre-cum.Michael held himself still. He knew he would soon shoot his load of cum into the boy if he started teen porn rape videos moving.It was Chris who moved. He wriggled his bottom and and pushed back against Michael. "You feel so big! I feel filled with your cock. It's wonderful. I want to show you how much I love you, Michael, but I can't kiss you or hug you with my back to you.""Just letting me be in you shows how much I mean to you. This tiny teen nudes is wonderful for me. I've dreamt of this ever since you came into my room to tell me that Donaldson had been sick.""Then? That was before we did anything.""I know, but you're one hell of a sexy attractive youngster. I wanted you then, but never though it would come to it, and certainly not away in France in a French field by moonlight, with you willing and wanting it, and several weeks ahead of us being together.""We'll have to make the most of it, every night!""Unless you are too tired with a lot of walking," said Michael, giving Chris an extra hug."I'll never be too tired for this." He pushed back again, and again wriggled his bottom."If you keep doing that, I shall be shooting my cum into you.""That's what I want." He wriggled some more, and felt Michael's whole body go rigid, and then the cock inside him go into a spasm as the man's spunk shot into the depths of his being."That was good, Michael.""Glad about that. It was good for me too."They lay together for several minutes. Michael's cock began to go flaccid. Then it slipped out of the boy. Michael reached for a box of tissues that Chris had placed nearby. "Clean up time." Michael handed Chris some tissues. They cleaned themselves.They settled back, this time face to face. "Thanks", said Chris giving Michael a kiss."Thank you, The first of many I expect.""We've the rest of this holiday. But I was thinking of something else. That first time when a man's cock goes inside you, and cums is always special. You'll remember this free teen handjobs night in this moonlit field in France for the rest of your life. When guys ask you when you were first fucked you can tell them about your schoolmaster, and this field. Gay men like telling their stories to each other.""I only want to go with you, Michael."Michael smiled to himself. "Yes, but you're growing up. Next year you'll be going to another school. There may well be some older boy who's attracted to you. Your big teen lesbians amateur porn brown eyes, your smooth light brown skin. They too may want to do with you what we've just done. It often happens in an all boy's school.""Really?""Oh yes. I have told you about my first times haven't I? That was when I was a little older than you with an older boy at school. My cock was the first with you. I expect, I hope, that there will be many more in porn for teen girls the years ahead for you."Chris was silent for a while. "I haven't thought about it that way.""Does it upset you?""No. At least I don't think so."The holiday in France was a great success. Sexually they enjoyed each other to the full. They seemed to establish a pattern. Unless Chris was too tired from the exertions of the day, in the evening Michael's cock would do the penetrating and in the morning Michael would wake to find Chris's hard cock pressing into him, and he never said 'No'. Michael took Chris to several places well off the usual tourist trails. Chris's French improved a great deal, which bore fruit at school in the coming years, and Chris's father gave Michael a cheque for £2000 for his trouble.X-x-xIs that too much of an idealised story to be true? The armenian teen porn law would find Michael guilty. But there are many men who have no regrets in adulthood about sexual activity with an older man in their youth. "It teen porn rape videos was the best thing that happened to me," has been said to tiny teen nudes me by more than one man. x-x-xJeffrey at jeffyrkshotmail.com
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